Did you make yesterday’s meeting with the Redistricting Commission? One of the biggest takeaways was the commission’s announcement of two new subcommittees, the Budget and Finance Subcommittee and the Citizen Engagement Subcommittee. These committees will have the following commissioners:

Budget and Finance Subcommittee:

Co-Chairs: Mr. Marvin Gilliam, Jr., and Mr. Sean Kumar
Members: Ms. Mackenzie Babichenko, Senator George L. Barker, Ms. Greta Harris,
Senator Stephen D. Newman, Delegate Margaret B. Ransone, and Delegate Marcus B.

Citizen Engagement Subcommittee:

Co-Chairs: Mr. James Abrenio and Mr. Richard Harrell
Members: Delegate Les R. Adams, Mr. Jose Feliciano, Mr. Brandon Hutchins, Senator
Mamie E. Locke, Senator Ryan T. McDougle, and Delegate Delores L. McQuinn

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