Census 2020

What is the Census?

The U.S. Census Bureau conducts a census to count every person-both adults and child- living in the United States every 10 years. The data collected during the census is used in a variety of ways that affect decisions regarding community services provided to residents and the distribution of more than $675 billion in federal funds to local, and state governments each year. This funding supports local programs for schools, health care, community assistance, infrastructure and more. The census also determines the number of representatives each state will have in Congress. State legislative districts and local political boundaries are redrawn using census data, and this data also inform business decisions, policy, community initiatives, and consumer advocacy.

Timeline 2020

Online Self-Response Opens
April 1st
2020 Census Day
Non-response follow-up begins for households that did not submit a Census form
Self-Response Deadline
December 31st
Census Bureau delivers count to President of the United States

Why It Matters?

When any Virginian is not counted, we all lose resources. Responding to the census helps communities get the funding they need for local public services and helps businesses make data-driven decisions that grow the economy.

The census determines the resources that go to Virginia to help build roads and infrastructure, support hospitals, and provide public services to children, veterans, seniors and families.

In 2010, many minority and rural communities were undercounted which left many vulnerable communities without the resources they needed for the next 10 years. In 2020, YOU have the opportunity to make sure you are counted!

Virginia Counts Coalition Logo

Virginia Counts Coalition

Acknowledging the importance of the 2020 Census Virginia Civic Engagement Table created the Virginia Counts Coalition. This coalition was created to include VCET partner organizations, national partners, members of the Virginia Complete Count Coalition, non-VCET partner organizations and representatives of local complete count committees. The goal of the coalition is to ensure that Virginians who live in hard count areas are accurately counted and increase the overall response rate to the 2020 Census.

to Census Day April 1st!


Estimated Virginia Census Count in 2010


Estimated amount lost per year for each person not counted for the next 10 years


Programs that used Census data to distribute funds

April 1, 2020

Census Day

Pledge to be Counted