VCET Weekly Update

Friday Meetings (and VCET) Have Moved!

VCET has moved into our new office at 1705 E. Main Street in Richmond. We’ll hold all of our Friday noon meetings during the General Assembly session in the conference room there. Or, you can join us by phone at 218-548-1674 Access code: 896129# . We ask that you be specific and only share information on legislation where you’re asking for help. Let’s figure out how to help each other win!

Save The Date

We want to introduce everyone properly to our new office once we unpack all the boxes and find enough cheap furniture! Please plan on joining us the evening of February 27th for our official grand opening. There will be more details coming soon!

Updating Our Tools

We want to make sure we’re always looking for new ways to help our partners do more civic engagement work and do it more effectively. Right now we’re beginning to explore tools for relational organizing and how they might be utilized by our partners. If you’re interested in being part of that conversation, please let us know. Contact Julie Emery at  Do you have another tool that you’re interested in but that isn’t workable with your budget? Let us know and we’ll explore whether there’s enough interest by other partners (and funders) to allow us to make it available to everyone.

Automatic Rights Restoration Update

There are three bills in this General Assembly that would not only automatically restore civil rights to returning citizens, but would also put the right of citizens over 18 to vote in the Virginia Constitution. Two of those bills SJ 261 (Locke) and SJ 262 (Lucas) were defeated in the Senate Privileges and Election committee this week. The companion bill in the House HJ 598 (Simon) is still alive on the House side and is not yet scheduled to be heard. Please share with your members the importance of this legislation and why this matters, regardless of the issues you’re working on. For more information contact our Program Manager, Alex Bratton at

Data Tip of the Week

????Committing Voter Contact Information to VAN 

For the Virginia Civic Engagement Table to accurately measure the scope and effectiveness of our voter contact programs (GOTV, Issue-based work, General Assembly actions, etc.), it is essential that you record all of this activity in VAN.

If you used VAN tools such as MiniVAN (for field canvass programs), virtual phone banks, or the predictive dialer, VAN automatically records your data.

However, if you canvassed with paper lists, the data needs to be entered into VAN.

If you did voter contact activities outside of VAN, the results would need to be given to LaTonya for upload into VAN.

????This would include:

  • Phone banks performed by a vendor

  • Robocalls completed outside of the VAN dialer

  • Mailings (you need to let LaTonya know the List you used and when the mail was sent out)

  • Text messages sent via Hustle or any other non-integrated platform

The results can be in Excel spreadsheets, Google Sheets, or text files that contain contact type and date of the contact information. If you need instructions for data entry of paper walk sheets or have questions about how to report your voter contacts, please contact LaTonya.

????2018 Election Results in VAN

Many partners want to see if their GOTV efforts were successful by seeing if the voters contacted voted on Election Day. Because of various factors outside of our control, most significantly the time it takes for the State Board of Elections to produce and share this data, the 2018 Election Results won’t be available for several months.

We will notify you in this space when we have updates on the timeline and availability of this data so be sure to check the VCET Weekly Update regularly.

???? VAN Training
On-Demand Video Training
On-demand VAN training is a great resource when onboarding new volunteers and staff members.  It’s also great for refresher training for current staff and volunteers.

Contact our Technology and Field Manager, LaTonya, with questions:  757-349-9641 or

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