VCET Weekly Update

Update on Virginia For All at the Next VCET Meeting

At our April 16th meeting where LaTonya Wallace, our Technology & Field Manager will update you on the 2018 election results, we’ll also get updates on the Virginia For All campaign that launched in late 2018. This is a campaign to build support for a broad series of progressive policy initiatives. Get more information on how your organization can join in this collaborative effort. The meeting is from to 3 PM at University of Richmond’s downtown campus.

Messenger Chatbots – Social Movement Technologies Webinar & Training

Organizing groups are beginning to use Messenger chatbots to increase their list-building, fundraising, community engagement and GOTV activities. Social Movement Technologies will host several opportunities where you can learn how chatbots work, find out how groups are using them and hear how it can improve your work. There will be a free webinar on April 18th from 1 to 2 PM. Then, in May they’re offering a 4-part in-depth training. Find more info and RSVP for these opportunities here.

2nd Annual Progressive Pub Crawl

Eat, drink, dance and win giveaways to advance the progressive movement that improves the health of Virginia! VCET and its’ partners are working tirelessly to advance changes such as raising the minimum wage to $15, requiring mandatory paid family and sick leave, promoting greenhouse gas initiatives, supporting cash bail reform, expanding voting rights and demanding driving privileges for immigrants. Starting at 1 PM on April 20th, people who believe Virginia works best when every voice is heard will gather at local bars in the Fan area of Richmond for VCET’s 2nd Annual Progressive Pub Crawl to support this work. Pub crawl locations include Kreggers at HandCity Beach and F.W. Sullivans. There’s a $10 suggested donation. RSVP today and share the Facebook event page to bring your friends out too! 

Our Work Together on Race Equity

About a year ago we began a more intentional, focused effort to improve our collective records on race equity in staffing, hiring and promotions. As you may have guessed, one year has left us just scratching the surface of what we need to do. As we begin year two, we wanted to share an update with all of you.

We are asking all of you to once again take the survey we did last year, so we can compare results. We’ll then share how things look. Please complete the survey by April 20th. Secondly,  based on many conversations we’re going to be offering some additional resources in the next couple of months. There have been requests for the opportunity for regular meetings of People of Color staff members. We’re going to try one in Richmond and then gauge the interest in making these ongoing, perhaps even regional. We’ve also been hearing from staff who are POC in some white-led organizations that they are facing some challenges with racial insensitivity, bias or other issues. We’re working on hiring a consultant and establishing a hotline to provide a safe space to get advice, help and possibly organizational mediation. Lastly, we’ll soon be announcing the dates for our White People Confronting Racism Workshops.

3rd Annual Stand Up Rally

Peninsula Indivisible will hold their 3rd Annual Stand Up Rally on April 28th from 1 – 4 PM in Williamsburg, VA. The event will engage community members and provide them with opportunities that’ll strengthen activism. There will be a lecture hour and an expo. Organizations are welcome to share with attendees what they need help with and how people can get engaged. Groups also will table during the expo after the lecture. Tabling will be from 2:30 – 4 PM. Please contact Josie Soltys at if your organization is interested in participating in this event.

Grieving, Healing and Moving Forward Together

Our work is never easy however right now, things are particularly tough. The sexism and racism that became public scandals in the offices of three statewide leaders impact each of us differently, and as a progressive community, we may share grief, rage, and frustration over what has happened. We also share resolve, to continue to build and back leadership that can fight for a fair wage, expanded access to the ballot box, women’s reproductive health and so much more. VCET is here to support that resolve by offering a day-long facilitated conversation for leaders and staff of our partner organizations on April 30th in at the Roslyn Retreat Center (8727 River Road, Richmond, Virginia). During this time facilitators from outside our community will help us come together to share our experiences and reflect on lessons learned, applying them for our future work and relationships. Register at this link.

VCET People of Color Partner Meeting

VCET will host a meeting where partner POC staff (Executive Directors / Presidents not included) are welcome to gather in sharing their experiences, strategies and build stronger relationships. It will take place on Thursday, June 13th at 3:30 PM at VCET’s Richmond Office (1705 E. Main St., Richmond, VA). Attendees also are invited to walk across the street for free food (drinks on you) and great conversation with the Richmond progressive community at VCET’s RVA Social starting at 5 PM.

White People Confronting Racism Workshop

We will be announcing dates for two more workshops for White People Confronting Racism soon. But if you just can’t wait and have been longing for a reason to visit Philadelphia you can register now for the workshops held there on either July 18-20 or October 4-6.

Job Opportunity – VA Advisor

The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation is seeking a VA Advisor to advise and coordinate Foundation grant making and implementation of the foundation’s strategic plan in Virginia around family planning and reproductive health and rights. This position will identify organizations who should be considered for funding, preview proposals and support grantees and applicants. This opportunity could be filled as a consultant or employee (full-time or part-time) depending on the applicant and foundation’s needs. Learn how to apply and find more information here.

Data Tip of the Week

????VCET Support Helpdesk
As many can attest to, our inbox is very busy and at times important communications may get drowned in the flood of emails pouring in.  On a daily basis, I receive numerous support requests and I work to respond to them as efficiently as possible but some requests tend to get lost in the sea of other email communications.
To streamline and organize VCET’s support process, I’m rolling out our VCET Support ticketing system (, found here.
After signing up and creating a user account (very quick and easy) the VCET Support helpdesk, you can create new tickets and track existing ones.  I’m currently working on the Knowledge Base feature, which will provide document and video support to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions.
To learn how to sign up and use the new VCET Support ticketing system please watch this brief How-To video.
VCET Support website:
???? 2019 VCET Coordinated Universe survey????
As we prepare for elections and gear up for next year’s Census, we’d like to work at better coordinating our work so we can achieve our goals while using our time and resources wisely.
Please complete this Coordinated Universe survey, and I will follow up via email to schedule a data planning call.
???? VAN Live Training
VAN Data Entry
Thursday, April 18th at 2:00 pm EDT
This webinar will cover the most common methods for entering data back into VAN. Those methods include Quick Mark, Grid View, Bar Codes, and Script View.
VAN Reporting
Thursday, April 25th at 2:00 pm EDT
This webinar covers the reporting tools that are available in VAN including Canvassing Summary, Survey Question Summary, Virtual Phone Bank Reports, and both Quick and Formats for Counts and Crosstabs.
On-Demand VAN Video Training

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