Courtney Campbell

What is your work focused on?
My day-to-day is focused on financial empowerment – connecting people with the tools and resources they need to achieve their goals. I also do consulting for progressive political candidates in my area.

How long have you been doing this work? And what motivated you to do this work?
I’ve had a political interest since childhood (maybe it’s my early November birthday), but became much more engaged after the 2008 financial crisis and the Occupy movement that followed. I started hosting meet and greets for candidates, volunteering for causes and organizations I cared about, and working to educate and activate the people in my life.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the many issues facing our Commonwealth, nation, and world; but the answer is always action, not apathy. Taking action, however small, builds confidence and momentum. I do this work to remind myself and others that one person can make a difference.

I love helping first-time local candidates get elected because I know that city councillors can eventually become state delegates, Governors, Congress or cabinet members, or even President. It’s so important to build a bench of awesome elected officials at the local level.

What is your theme song?

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?
Rep. Katie Porter so I could school people with the dry erase board of justice!

What is the most exciting thing you have worked on or work you are most proud of?
I served as Digital Communications Manager for Win Virginia in 2019, when the November elections resulted in Democrat majorities in both state legislative houses for the first time in quite awhile. It was a great feeling to work with an organization that helped contribute to those victories.

How has VAPLP impacted your leadership journey?
Having a constant source of inspiration from my fellow cohort mates has been fantastic! I learned at least as much from them as from the curriculum itself and have loved watching them go on to get elected, start their own organizations, and generally make rad things happen in their communities and beyond.

VAPLP also gave me a lot more confidence in my own abilities as well as practical tools for change-making. I definitely became a more empowered and effective leader thanks to the program.

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