Shonta Mills

What is your work focused on?
I am the Lead Organizer at SEIU VA 512.

How long have you been doing this work? And what motivated you to do this work?
9 years–helping the sick, elderly and disabled. Empowering them to have a voice for themselves.

What is your theme song today?

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be and why?
My aunt Alice, because she worked hard all her life and was able to retire at the age of 55yrs old and now 70+ with no care in the world. She was an educator and politician.

What is the most exciting thing you have worked on or work you are most proud of?
I have so many, but it would be The Medicaid Expansion. This took us 6 long years to win. We were doing Moral Mondays faithfully on the steps of St. Paul Episcopal Church across from the GA building for a year and half.

How has VAPLP impacted your leadership journey?
I learned great tools to use with politics because this is a subject that I hate. I learned how to embrace it for my use of work which is so needed.

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